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What is Mock Up Aircraft for Flight attendants?

May 14, 2024, 11:20 AM by User Not Found

T A N G E R A N G, May 10, 2024- As a continuous effort to improve flight quality and safety, Lion Group continues to develop training facilities at Lion City Balaraja. One of the key facilities already provided is the mock up of the aircraft, designed to be the practical training part of the aspiring flight attendant and flight attendant (cabin crew).


Mock up aircraft is a replica of the exterior and interior of the aircraft used for training purposes. The facility supports participants to simulate all of which resemble and equal the specifications and shape of the aircraft that are actually various flight scenarios.


The Lion Group Training Center provides various training facilities such as those on the part of the aircraft, including Airbus 320 mock up, ATR72 mock up, as well as evacuation slide equipment for Boeing 737 and Airbus 330 used in evacuation exercises. In addition, there is a water training facility (wet drill) that has been equipped with rubber boat for the life raft process.


Training using mock up is a crucial component of the cabin crew education, with this facility, Lion Group is committed to providing comprehensive and accurate training according to real conditions.


Lion Group offers this educational and training program for free, through a rigorous selection process. Training in the mock up aircraft includes various aspects, including:


  • Emergency Evacuation. This training teaches how to operate emergency doors and use evacuation equipment, such as skating board, guides passengers out of the plane safely and quickly in emergency situations.
  • Wet Drill. Focus on water safety procedures, including the use of life vest jackets and rubber boats. This training is important to prepare cabin crews in the situation the plane lands in the waters.
  • Fire and Smoke Training. Teaching identification and handling fire or smoke in the cabin, including the use of fire extinguisher and evacuation procedures under limited visibility conditions.
  • Medical Emergency Training. Provide a foundation of first aid knowledge and skills, including CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and how to address various medical conditions that may occur during flight.
  • Service Training. Training passenger service skills, including serving food and beverage, as well as effective communication techniques to ensure a pleasant and comfortable passenger experience.
  • Security Procedures. Education on security procedures to identify and handle potential threats, such as intruders or suspicious goods inside the cabin.


Each of the above modules is designed to equip potential flight attendants and flight attendants with the capabilities needed to ensure the safety, safety and comfort of passengers during flight.


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