We Make People Fly

Our Network

As Indonesia’s largest domestic carrier, we connect passengers across Indonesia and to select destinations in Asia. Indonesia is unique as an archipelago that requires air travel and we have one of the largest route networks in the country.

As of September 2019, Lion Air operated an average of 449 flights per day covering 269 scheduled routes and 211 charter routes to 41 domestic and 20 international destinations. We were the sole provider of flights on 109 of our routes and had a market share of 50% or more on an additional 106 routes in terms of total route capacity.

Our interline arrangements with Batik, Wings, Malindo, and ThaiLion, mean we can offer passengers approximately 694 additional routes and 157 additional destinations.

Our new destination strategy leverages our existing our hub-and-spoke network to tap latent demand and aggregate passengers from smaller cities and outlying areas into flights to and from larger This has allowed us to introduce new routes which both serve growing Indonesian passenger demand and are viable for the growth of the business.