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Pre-Booked Meals

Pre-Booked Meals is a special service offered by Lion Air Group.

Terms and Conditions for purchasing Pre-Booked Meals Ancillaries:

  1. Pre-Booked Ancillary Meals can be ordered up to 24 hour before departure.
  2. Pre-Booked Ancillary Meals can be purchased on Airline Representative at City Town Office or Airport, Travel Agency (B2B) And Website (B2C).
  3. Pre-Booked Ancillary Meals can be purchased simultaneously with the purchase of new ticket or post-purchase (via Manage Booking).
  4. Pre-booked Ancillary Meals on reservation system and might be changed anytime without prior noticed.
  5. Pre-Booked Ancillary Meals are non-exchangeable and non refundable (except an Involuntary Refund by Airlines).

Here are 4 Pre-Booked Meals Menu Serving Options that you can order:

  1. Yellow Rice with Grilled Chicken
  2. Yellow Rice with Chicken Satay
  3. Cheese Omelete with Roasted Potato
  4. Egg Fried Rice with Roasted Chicken

Pre-Booked Meals are currently available for the following routes:


UPG CGK 2:20
UPG SOQ 2:25
UPG YIA 2:00
UPG TIM 3:05
UPG DJJ 3:35
UPG BIK 2:55
UPG BDO 2:15
UPG TTE 2:00
UPG MKQ 3:35
UPG SRG 2:00
CGK KNO 2:20
CGK LOP 2:00
CGK UPG 2:30
CGK BPN 2:15


You can add prepaid baggage to your booking, please enter all details of your reservation:

Booking Reference (PNR), First Name, Last Name, Flight Number and Flight Date (for reservations made directly with Lion Air or through travel agencies).

Note: Please ensure that your first name and last name entered is as per your reservation.