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Refund Request

You can cancel your booking and request for refund by filling the necessary details in form below

You may use this form if your Lion Air Group ticket was purchased directly from Lion Air website, mobile application or our call centers and ticketing offices.


  • If your ticket was purchased through a travel agent or another airline, please contact them directly for assistance.
  • Refund will be processed for all coupons that have not been used.
  • A nominal refund fee is subject to change according to the applicable condition.
  • Tickets are valid for refund up to 3 (three) months after the Date of Travel (DOT).

For foreign bank account (outside Indonesia), please note the information below:

  1. Transfer will be using (CURR) USD/SGD/MYR into your account.
  2. Currency conversion will be based on bank's rate
  3. Bank's admin fee will be charged to the recipient and will deduct the refund amount


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