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Prepaid Baggage

Prepaid Baggage is a special service offered by Lion Air Group. All passengers can get a more affordable price by booking our prepaid baggage through website www.lionair.co.id at least 6 hours before departure.

Terms and Conditions for purchasing Prepaid Baggage Ancillaries :

  1. Prepaid Baggage are available to be purchased up to 6 hours before departure
  2. Prepaid baggage can be purchased start from 5kg,10kg,15kg,20kg,25kg,30kg.
  3. Maximum purchase of prepaid baggage for each passenger is 30 Kg.
  4. Prepaid baggage can be purchased through the website, travel agent, lion air tower, Lion Air Group branch office.
  5. Excess Baggage will still be charged if the passenger carries more than the total of Free Baggage Allowance (FBA) plus a prepaid baggage (if any).
  6. The remaining of unutilized prepaid baggage weight are not allowed to be returned/refunded.
  7. Prepaid baggage are NOT allowed to be Refunded, unless it is refunded along with the E-ticket
  8. Pre-paid Baggage does not include SURFBOARD & BICYCLE handling fees.

For more information regarding prepaid baggage pricelist per destination please click and download here:

You can add prepaid baggage to your booking, please enter all details of your reservation:

Booking Reference (PNR), First Name, Last Name, Flight Number and Flight Date (for reservations made directly with Lion Air or through travel agencies).

Note: Please ensure that your first name and last name entered is as per your reservation.

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