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Wider Opportunities to Visit Borobudur Temple and Vesak MomentumLion Air provides 139,320 seats through Jogja and Solo

Jun 5, 2023, 14:32 PM by Lion Air Public Relations

Contribute to the economic development of the local region through better air connectivity and hope to continue to be a strong partner for the development of Indonesian tourism.




Y O G Y A K A R T A – May 26, 2023. Lion Air (JT flight code) member of Lion Air Group supports the development of historical and religious tourism destinations in Solo and Jogja, including the main goal of facilitating access to Borobudur Temple, one of the famous UNESCO world heritage sites. In the momentum of the 2023 Vesak celebration, Borobudur Temple is the center of attention as part of local wisdom and is one of the important places of worship for Buddhists around the world. 


Lion Air offers 139,320 flight seats for the period 28 May – 14 June 2023. The flights are operated by the latest generation Boeing 737-800NG (189 economy class seats) and Boeing 737-900ER (215 economy class seats) delivered directly from the aircraft manufacturer, available direct network on: 

Jogja - Yogyakarta International Airport Kulonprogo Route(YIA) 

  • Jakarta (CGK) 23.220 seats
  • Bali (DPS) 15.480 seats
  • Makassar (UPG)     23.220 seats
  • Banjarmasin (BDJ) 15.480 seats
  • Balikpapan (BPN)   7.740 seats
  • Pekanbaru (PKU)     7.740 seats
  • Kualanamu (KNO) 7.740 seats


Solo Route - Adi Soemarmo International Airport in Boyolali  (SOC)

  • Jakarta (CGK) 23.220 seats
  • Bali (DPS) 15.480 seats


This offer is specially designed to facilitate tourists' trips to culturally rich historical places in Solo and Jogja. Both cities are known to be strategic gateways to explore the historical and cultural beauty of the area.


For travelers from other cities in Indonesia, Lion Air provides transit options through several major cities such as Jakarta, Bali, Makassar, Banjarmasin, Balikpapan, Pekanbaru and Medan KualanamuThese cities are the hubs of air connectivity in Indonesia and Lion Air has connecting flights with proper departure and arrival schedules from these cities to Yogyakarta and Solo.


The relatively close distance between Yogyakarta, Solo and Borobudur Temple as well as other tourist attractions will facilitate the mobility of tourists to explore the historical and cultural beauty of this region.



Positive Impact on Local Economic Development  

The large number of seats, Lion Air provides opportunities for local and international tourists to explore Solo and Jogja, in turn increasing the number of tourist visits. Optimistic that with an increase in the number of tourists, the tourism sector in Solo and Jogja has experienced significant growth.


The arrival of tourists also plays an important role in the form of benefits to the development of accommodation, restaurants, local transportation, souvenir sales and other small and medium enterprises involved in the tourism industry.


Equally, increased tourist arrivals will boost employment in the tourism sector and other related sectors and local communities will also get opportunities to promote their local culture and products to tourists. This gave impetus to the development of arts, crafts and creative industries in the region.




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