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RT-PCR Conditions

Lion Air Group's RT-PCR requirements with DDSM health facilities

  1. Exclusively for prospective passengers who have tickets on Lion Air Group flights (Lion Air, Wings Air, and Batik Air), Ticket purchases (issued tickets) and air travel information can obtain through Lion Air Group Head Office and Ticketing Town Offices in all cities in Indonesia; www.lionair.co.id; www.batikair.com; Lion Air and Batik Air smartphone applications (mobile apps). (you can also purchase Wings Air tickets through the website and the application); Call center 021-6379 8000 and 0804-177-8899; travel agent partners (tour travel) and online travel agents (OTA).
  2. Voucher RT-PCR start from Rp 195.000 can be obtained directly at the time of purchase of tickets (issued tickets),
  3. For prospective passengers who already have a Lion Air Group flight ticket and have not implemented RT-PCR, then can buy RT-PCR vouchers by showing the booking code through sales channels such as call centers, Lion Air Group sales offices, www.lionair.co.id, www.batikair.com, travel agents (tour and travel) and others.
  4. The RT-PCR sampling process has expected to be done 1x24 hours before departure. If the sampling is close to the scheduled departure time (less than 24 hours before departure), the voucher is not valid.

The implementation of RT-PCR continues to run as guidelines for health protocols, according to what has been run by Lion Air Group and DDSM, affordable through a voucher of start from Rp 195.000 for a one-time RT-PCR test. With validity period according to the regulations that have been issued and are currently in effect. The test results after RT-PCR sampling will come out (completed) in the range of (average) 12-24 hours.

The greatest expectation of this activity will be to accelerate economic recovery through air transportation. To encourage flight demand trends in line with Lion Air Group's seriousness in operating services that continue to prioritize and fulfill the elements of flight safety, security and has carried out according to health protocol guidelines.

Rt-PCR test results using thermal cycler method (DNA amplification technique) and TCM (fast molecular test) with the centralized examination in Kartika Pulomas Hospital Laboratory, DKI Jakarta. This laboratory and faskes are one of the laboratories affiliated with the Ministry of Health. (List of laboratories contained in the Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Number HK.01.07/Menkes/4642/2021 concerning Implementation of COVID-19 Examination Laboratories).

That has been doing to support the government's program to ensure safety and as a condition for each prospective passenger's flight to travel by airplane in line with suppressing the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19).


The Flight Process will Be Easier, Healthier, and Safer.

RT-PCR data in Kartika Pulomas Hospital Laboratory has been storing in the Ministry of Health's big data, namely New All Record (NAR). NAR will be connecting to the PeduliLindungi application. Thus, the data can be unified (integrated) and provide comfort and security to every passenger.

Setiap calon penumpang setelah dilakukan pengambilan sampel dan uji hasil RT-PCR akan memperoleh surat keterangan hasil uji kesehatan secara elektronik (digital), memiliki kode batang (barcode) berisi data valid serta terintegrasi platform dimaksud.

The PeduliLindung application has integrated with Covid-19 test result data and national vaccination data. The main benefits and objectives are:

  1. Used to check the completeness of travel documents, the prospective passengers are more practical and convenient. Just do it through this application because all health documents have been integrating.
  2. Speed up the verification process time
  3. Preventing and minimizing unwanted things such as counterfeiting of health test results or vaccine certificates,
  4. Health protocols are well maintained and implemented (no need to rustle when checking the completeness of travel documents).

Lion Air Group and health facilities synergize in supporting the PeduliLindungi digitalization program. Has developed to assist relevant government agencies in tracking and efforts to stop (control) the spread of Covid-19 in line with the strengthening of 3T (Test, Tracing, Treatment).

Before departure: prospective passengers have expected to download and register for the PeduliLindungi app via their smartphones from the Google Play Store or Apple Store or accessible https://pedulilindungi.id/

The personal data of PeduliLindungi application users are kept confidential and only used for tracing purposes. You access it on https://pedulilindungi.id/kebijakan-privasi-data. Customer service and information about the use PeduliLindungi application can call the contact number PeduliLindungi at 119.

Starting July 13, 2021, the PeduliLindungi application has been using to travel by air, especially to and from I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport Bali (DPS) and Jakarta Soekarno Hatta International Airport (CGK). Furthermore, it has been implemented in other airports gradually.

Using e-HAC

For the current period, in facilitating air travel for each passenger before departure and after arriving at the destination airport (arrival) can still use the application of electronic Health Alert Card (eHAC).

  1. Before departure
    Prospective passengers have expected to download the e-HAC app via their smartphones from the Google Play Store or Apple Store or accessible https://inahac.kemkes.go.id/.Prospective passengers receive electronic health test results and get a QR Code (quick response code) in the e-HAC application. This code is a two-dimensional barcode that can provide information directly according to the data and test results of Covid-19.
    Prospective passengers will show a barcode (QR code) to the relevant agency officials who verify (check) health test documents at the airport terminal.
  2. Arrival
    Passengers fill in (registration, register) on the e-HAC application before departure or when after landing by filling in all the requirements according to the existing field (form) / listed, based on personal data and history correctly and precisely.
    For guidance on filling out e-HAC, please read and take a look at the following instructions: https://infeksiemerging.kemkes.go.id/download/Panduan_Pengguna_Aplikasi_E-HAC.pdf.
    After arriving at the arrival terminal of the destination airport, show the barcode (QR code) on the e-HAC application to the health officer. The scanner engine will read and check the data that has been previously filling in.

For information, the Electronic Health Alert Card (eHAC) or The Ministry of Health's Electronic Health Alert Card (e-HAC) application has been integrating into the Covid-19 PeduliLindungi One Data Information System (according to the Ministry of Health Circular Number HK.02.01/MENKES/847/2021 concerning the Digitization of Health Documents for Air Transportation Users Integrated with PeduliLindungi Application).

Well Maintained Air Circulation System

The entire fleet has equipped with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter or strong particle filtration. HEPA filters help maintain air hygiene in the cabin and filter out more than 99.9% of viruses, germs, insects, and bacteria. The air in the aircraft cabin is updated every 2-3 minutes, making it fresher. For air from the toilet (lavatory) and a kitchen (galley) directly flowed out of the plane.

The improvement of Lion Air Group's aircraft hygiene and sterilization activities periodically with aircraft exterior and interior cleaning (AEIC) method is carried out in Batam Aero Technic (BAT) aircraft maintenance center and at various airport base stations where Lion Air Group aircraft located.

Lion Air Group continues to implement all applicable flight conditions during the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic alert period. This is according to the recommendations of the regulator as well as the rules of Lion Air Group commitments in operations that continue to promote safety, security, and comfort of aviation (safety first), as well as the guidelines, run health protocols.