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Rapid Test Conditions



  1. Rapid Test is a method of initial screening health test conducted to find out whether a person is infected with the virus (particularly Covid-19) or not.
  2. The Lion Air Group Rapid Test service can be carried out at the Lion Air Medika Clinic and registered health facilities (faskes) / laboratories in collaboration with Lion Air Group throughout Indonesia with previously having a Rapid test voucher.
  3. The location and service hours of each health facility can be seen through https://www.lionair.co.id/en/rapid-test-antigen-locations
  4. General provisions for the Rapid Test Service

    4.1 Only valid for Ticket holders of one of the Lion Air group airlines

    4.2 Rapid test service vouchers are only available on certain routes

    4.3 The Rapid Test service voucher for the price listed on the Website and is subject to change at any time without prior notice.

    4.4 Rapid Test Vouchers are available up to 3 (three) hours before departure.

    4.5 Purchase of rapid test services can be made through:


    Purchase Along With Ticket

    After Ticketed Purchase

    JT’s Official Website

    JT’s Official Website

    Travel Agencies

    Travel Agencies

    Lion Group’s Representative

    Lion Group’s Representative

    Call Center



    4.1 EMD Rapid Test that has been used for examination at the Clinic cannot be refunded.

    4.2 Refunds for EMD Rapid Tests that have not been used can only be done simultaneously with the VCR refund process.    

  1. Terms of ticket refund for 'Reactive' Rapid Test / Swab Test / PCR Test 'Positive Covid-19' results:

    5.1 Refund of tickets is permitted without charges (Full fare) by attaching a photo or a scanned letter of the result of the Swab / PCR / Rapid Test. Except, EMD Rapid Test that has been used cannot be refunded.

    5.2 Refund without charges (Full fare) applies to all passengers in the same PNR if there is one of the passenger having “reactive/ positive covid-19” in result.

    5.3 Refunds can be made in the form of transfer/ cash by attaching the supporting documents and the results of the Swab/ PCR/ Rapid Test.

  1. Provisions for the Rapid Test:

    6.1 Passengers can have an examination at the Clinic according to the location that has been determined by showing to Clinic staff: the Rapid Test Voucher.

    6.2 Rapid Test Examination at the Clinic will be a maximum of 2 (two) hours before departure (only for those health facilities adjacent to the airport).

    6.3 The validity period of the Rapid Test result shall apply in accordance with government regulations.

  1. Passengers must prepare sufficient time to carry out the Rapid Test at the Clinic as well as travel to the airport