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Why is Health Inspection required for Aircrew?

May 13, 2024, 11:20 AM by User Not Found

Commitment always maintains the highest safety standards in every operational aspect and ensures the health and readiness of the crew before each flight, making health checks a mandatory procedure in the aviation industry.


J A K A R T A, May 9, 2024– In a continuous commitment to prioritize aviation safety and safety, Lion Group always prioritizes the importance of mandatory health checks for aircraft crews.


Mandatory health checks for aircraft crews are proactive to ensure that any individual responsible for the aircraft’s control is in the best physical and mental state. At Lion Group, it understands that the task of the crew requires a high level of concentration, accuracy and alertness.


Lion Group has set strict health check standards, based on international and national aviation regulations, to ensure that all crew members meet the necessary health criteria. Lion Group has consistently implemented health check standards for aircraft crews that are regularly implemented since they began operation. This examination includes a thorough health evaluation every six months at the Flight Health Hall and a health check before flying conducted at the airport. Lion Group is committed to continuously improve and develop this program to ensure the safety and well-being of the crew and all passengers.


The strategic steps taken are the development and implementation of guidelines and detailed procedures oriented to checklist IM SAFE (Illness, Medication, Stress, Alcohol, Fatigue, Emotion). This checklist is designed to ensure each crew meets optimal health and mental readiness conditions before performing the task.


Examination at Flight Health Hall on a Scheduled basis

Ensure health conditions according to set standards. Examination includes:

  • General physical examination, including checking height, weight, blood pressure, and other vital functions of the body to assess the overall physical condition.
  • Vision tests to measure vision acuity, ability to distinguish color and depth perception, all of which are crucial for flight navigation and operation.
  • Hearing tests in ensuring the crew can hear important communications and warnings during flight.
  • Heart Health Evaluation (Electrocardiogram) and other tests are performed to detect heart problems.
  • Spirometry test to evaluate lung performance.
  • Laboratory tests, including blood and urine tests to check kidney, liver and other health indicators.
  • Mental Health evaluation, analyzing the psychological conditions of the crew, including assessment of stress, depression, or anxiety disorders that can affect performance during flight.
  • Neurological examination, focus assessing neural function and motor ability.


Check Before Flying While in Airport by Medical Team

Before running any flight, the crew of the aircraft must undergo a medical check by the airport's flight operational space. The purpose of the inspection ensures the crew is in excellent condition, including:

  • General Physical Conditions examination, consisting of blood pressure checks, signs of fatigue, the influence of alcohol or drugs, and other general health conditions.
  • Evaluate Anxiety or Stress Levels, through a brief dialogue assessing the crew’s mental and emotional state before flying.
  • Discussions on indications of new health disorders, the crew of the aircraft are required to report any new health problems that arise since the last examination.



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