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Attention for Passengers! Know the Maximum Limit Bring Baggage to Aircraft to Not Be Disrupted During Boarding Process

Apr 16, 2024, 11:37 AM by User Not Found

It is important for passengers to understand that complying with the rules and limits set, passengers have contributed to maintaining safety and comfort during flight and ensuring the boarding and flight process is smooth.



J A K A R T A – 14 April 2024. Lion Group enforces the provisions of arranging baggage for passengers on the policies of each airline. Generally, there are a few things to be noticed by each passenger. Maximum weight of luggage: each airline has different rules about the maximum baggage limit that each passenger can carry.


AirlinesKategoriType of AircraftLuggage - FreeAllowed Cabin Baggage
Lion AirEconomic classJet20kg7kg40 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm.
Batik AirEconomic classJet20kg7kg40 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm.
Batik AirBusiness classJet30kg7kg40 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm.
Wings AirEconomic classPropeller 0 kg 7kg35 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm.

Notes: for flights in Maluku and Papua, the maximum limit for economic class service is 15kg.


Logged baggage or luggage registered on flight is a type of baggage stored in the cargo of the aircraft and is not accessible to passengers during air travel. Lockage is usually heavier and larger than cabin baggage and labeled specific code (labeling) to facilitate handling.


Why is the maximum limit of carrying economic class luggage to aircraft set a maximum of 20kg?

1. Each aircraft has a maximum weight limit. If the aircraft weight exceeds the set limit, it becomes unstable. The amount and weight of the allowed baggage can affect the weight, transport and balance of the aircraft. If passengers carry more baggage than allowed, the weight of the plane can exceed the limit so that the balance of the plane is disturbed.

2. The aircraft manufacturer performs careful calculations and testing in determining the maximum weight allowed for the baggage carried by the passenger. This calculation involves the capacity and loading factor of the aircraft, safety and comfort of passengers during flight.

3. Assisting accurate and correctly and correctly calculated traffic and operational costs and following regulations set by local aviation authorities in determining the maximum weight limit of baggage recorded.

4. Loading and unloading time of luggage runs smoothly and pay attention to employee safety level (porter). More baggage amounts impact extend the handling time (settings) of and into the aircraft.

5. Maintaining a level of time performance. Passengers carrying lots of baggage tend to take longer checking and handing over the baggage at check-in.


Why is the maximum limit carrying baggage to the 7kg aircraft cabin?

1. The aircraft manufacturer takes into account the capacity and size of the aircraft cabin in determining the maximum permissible weight. This calculation prioritizes the safety and comfort of passengers during the flight.

2. Availability of cabin compartment storage has been measured weighing 7kg. Passengers must pay attention to weight and dimensions.

3. Easier boarding process and storing and storing baggage in the cabin. If passengers carry too much cabin baggage or cabin baggage are too large, the entry groove into the cabin can be disturbed and takes longer.


Type of Baggage. Passengers are prohibited from registering or carrying dangerous goods on aircraft, among others a. Explosives such as fireworks, firecrackers, unexploded bombs and others of the same kind; b. Strong magnetic material; c. Toxic substances (including insecticides) and corrosive substances or oxidizing substances (including bleach); d. All kinds of cooking stoves; e. Radioactive substance; f. Flammable materials, including most matches or lighter fuel; g. Pressurized gas such as gas stove, sports oxygen spray, dust removal spray and other similar.


Special Terms: the airline released special rules of baggage that are easily broken or high valuable. Passengers are in need of understanding dangerous baggage groups such as sharp objects, chemicals and the like that are prohibited from being carried on board. Some special items (types) are brought into the cabin, among others a. Valuable goods such as cash, financial documents, jewelry, cameras, mobile phones, portable electronic devices and other forms of valuable goods should be kept on their own shelves or compartments over a closed head or under the seat in front of a passenger seat; b. Baby goods such as diapers, milk bottles and food to consume during flight do not exceed 5 kg; d. Toiletries or treatment products (toiletries) are liquid-shaped like shampoo, leather softener (lotion), soap, perfume or other objects are well regulated and safe. Make sure it is organized in a special pouch-shaped container.


Luggage Cost: the airline charges additional fees against baggage that exceeds the limit specified and for prospective passengers who purchase tickets with excluding baggage capacity. Efforts to facilitate passenger flight plans, Lion Air Group offers a purchase of baggage quotas (prepaid baggage) before departure (along with ticket purchases or after a maximum ticket purchase of 30kg). For convenience, check-in officers will weigh the baggage at the check-in counter to determine if the baggage meets this requirement. If it exceeds the set provisions, it pays additional fees so that the baggage can be transported as a registered baggage.



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