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Air Travel provisions: Passengers are prohibited from putting (Save) Valuable Goods in Check-in Baggage

Apr 16, 2024, 12:10 PM by User Not Found

  • Must Put Valuable Goods on Cabin Compartment and Keep Cabin Baggage
  • Must pay attention to placement of valuable items before – time – after flight.


J A K A R T A – April 10, 2024. Lion Group re-expresses the appeal and requires all passengers to pay attention to the placement of valuables in preparing travel plans and during flights. Passengers must submit actual information to check-in officers that no valuables in the baggage are checked and valuables are carried into the baggage of the cabin.


Lion Group suggests passengers are prohibited from putting valuables on checked baggage (baggage registered at check-in), for passengers to put valuables on top of their seat and keep their cabin baggage, not inside the baggage recorded. This is in accordance with the provisions written in the ticket and Regulation of the Minister of Transportation (Permenhub) 77 Year 2011.


Types and categories of valuable items to be put into cabin baggage, as follows:

1. Laptop, tablets and other portable computer forms.

2. Cameras, Photography Equipment and Lens.

3. Jewelry and other valuables, such as gold, diamonds and silver.

4. Important documents, such as passports, airline tickets and business documents.

5. Other electronic items, such as smartphones, iPods and chargers.

6. Medicines or supplements required during the trip.

7. Cash, credit cards and other financial documents.

8. Other valuable items category.


Reasons Passengers should place valuables inside the cabin baggage, because:

  • Penumpang yang membawa barang berharga ke dalam kabin pesawat, dapat menjaga barang Passengers carrying valuables into the cabin of the plane, can keep their own goods.
  • Passengers easily access and monitor their goods during flight and make it easier to retrieve valuables when needed and when descended from the plane.
  • Passengers contribute to creating a safer and more convenient flight atmosphere.


Lion Group confirms that the airline is not responsible for damages or loss of valuables contained in it if passengers carry valuable luggage in the baggage is recorded (baggage registered at check-in).



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