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Start August 9, 2023, Lion Air Opens the First Umrah 1445 Hijri Direct Route from Palembang to Saudi

Aug 9, 2023, 13:49 PM by Lion Air Public Relations

Umrah flights from South Sumatra Province have a dual purpose that focuses on facilitating the implementation of Umrah worship and facilitating tourist trips to Saudi Arabia, especially during the summer, thus making a positive contribution to the development of cultural, economic, and tourism relations between the two regions.



P A L E M B A N G - August 8, 2023. Lion Air (JT Flight Code) member of Lion Air Group announced the launch of the inaugural special Umrah flight route for the 1445 Hijri period. The route starting August 9, 2023 connects Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport in Palembang, North Sumatra directly to Saudi Arabia.


Umrah flights from South Sumatra Province have two main purposes, namely to facilitate the journey of Umrah for Muslim pilgrims and to accommodate summer tourism trips in Saudi Arabia.

1. Facilitate the journey of Umrah

One of the main destinations of direct flights from Palembang to Saudi Arabia, Umrah pilgrims in the region will be facilitated in planning and carrying out Umrah. This will reduce travel barriers and provide opportunities for more individuals to perform their religious obligations more comfortably and efficiently.


2. Accommodating Summer Travel in Saudi Arabia

Apart from being a place of worship, Saudi Arabia is also an attractive tourist destination, especially during the summer. With the availability of direct flights from South Sumatra, people in the region have the opportunity to explore the natural beauty and culture of Saudi Arabia during the summer. Tourist destinations such as beaches, mountainous areas, and historical places in Saudi Arabia can be an attractive summer vacation alternative for South Sumatran residents. This will provide positive benefits for the development of the tourism sector in both regions.


Lion Air is excited to introduce this inaugural Umrah route from Palembang, always committed to providing high quality services and a safe and comfortable flight experience for pilgrims. 


Lion Air collaborates with trusted tour and travel partners such as Zafa Mulia Mandiri, Mega Sriwijaya Wisata, and other parties to facilitate the needs of Umrah and tourism for the community.


Young People: Umrah and Tourism

Direct umrah flights from Palembang by Lion Air have a special attraction for millennials or young people in terms of worship trips and tours.  

1. Millennials tend to seek comfort and convenience in traveling, increasingly making their travel experience more efficient.

2. Millennials often seek flexibility in travel plans, they have more precise time and schedule choices, making it easier to arrange travel schedules that suit personal needs and preferences.

3. Direct flights using wide-body aircraft such as the Airbus A330-300 and A330-900NEO offer modern facilities and comfort that meet the expectations of millennials, including spacious passenger capacity, better travel comfort, time efficiency, long-distance coverage, and much more.

4. Millennials can explore tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia during or after a religious trip, interestingly combining religious travel with interesting cultural and adventure experiences.

5. Millennials often seek out experiences that have a positive social and spiritual impact. Umrah is a worship that has a deep spiritual dimension, and through direct flights, they can focus more on the purpose of worship as well as tourist trips.


Lion Air would like to thank all parties involved in supporting the smooth and easy travel of worship and tourism, including regulators, the governments of South Sumatra and Saudi, airport manager PT Angkasa Pura II as well as managers in Saudi, air traffic controllers, tour and travel partners, and other parties.



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