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Lion Air Celebrates 23rd Anniversary at Lion City Balaraja

Jul 3, 2023, 14:18 PM by Lion Air Public Relations


  • The event in Balaraja with the background of Lion Air's first aircraft museum, Boeing 737-200 with registration PK-LIA. The museum witnessed Lion Air's rapid growth and became a symbol of the company's passion and dedication in the aviation industry.
  • Lion Air would like to thank the entire team and stakeholders who have contributed to the long journey of this company. This event will be a form of appreciation and also as a fun entertainment for all who attend the celebration of Lion Air's 23rd Anniversary.




T A N G E R A N G - June 30, 2023 - Lion Air (JT Flight Code) member of Lion Air Group announced the peak moment of the 23rd Anniversary celebration held at Lion City Balaraja, Lion Air office in Tangerang, on Friday, June 30, 2023. 


Lion Air's 23rd anniversary celebration has 3 (three) important reasons:

1. A way to appreciate the long journey this company has gone through. For 23 years, Lion Air has experienced many significant challenges and achievements. Celebrating this moment is recognition of the efforts, dedication and hard work of the entire Lion Air team and stakeholders who have contributed to achieving this success.

2. This celebration also aims to provide motivation and enthusiasm for all Lion Air employees and management. Celebrating 23 years of achievement shows that Lion Air has successfully overcome various challenges and continues to grow in providing air transportation for the public, business people and tourists. This can increase morale, and employee loyalty as well as motivate to continue to innovate and provide the best service to customers.

3. Appreciation to all related parties who have contributed to the success of this company. This includes employees, crew, management, business partners and various other related parties. The celebration provides an opportunity to express gratitude in person and pay tribute to those who have been instrumental in maintaining Lion Air's success and growth for 23 years.


Outstanding support and cooperation from partners, Lion Air continues to improve the quality of flight services and provide the best experience to passengers. Lion Air is committed to continuously strengthening this partnership and together achieving greater success in the future. 


Lion Air's partners include Airbus, Boeing, Collins Aerospace An RTX Business, Carlyle Aviation Partners, ST Engineering, Stephenson Harwood, Honeywell, MVT Logistics Pte Ltd, Jackson Square Aviation, BNI 46, Pertamina Patra Niaga, Avolon, AerCap, Tugu Insurance, Thales, Aviosupport, Aog Accessories, Bridgestone, Spirit Aerosystems, Cee-Bee Innovative Aviation Chemistry, Pudak Scientific, Dedienne Aerospace, Jet Car - Victor Enterprises Pte Ltd Singapore,  EMO TRANS Customized Global Logistics, Intan Teknik Solusi, Good Year Aviation, Maybank, BNP Paribas, PIEDMONT Propulsion Systems LLC - First Aviation Service Inc and other partners.


In commemoration of this 23rd Anniversary, the event in Balaraja with the background of Lion Air's first aircraft museum, Boeing 737-200 with registration PK-LIA. The museum witnessed Lion Air's rapid growth and became a symbol of the company's passion and dedication in the aviation industry.


One of the main highlights of this event was the presentation of awards to the best employees who have made outstanding contributions in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. This award is a form of appreciation and recognition of their dedication that has brought Lion Air to continue to grow in the aviation industry.


In addition, in this special moment, Lion Air also gave awards to the best students at Lion Group Training Center as a form of support for the younger generation who are eager to learn and excel. Lion Air hopes that this award will inspire students to continue to strive and have a career in the aviation sector.


Not only that, in a series of events celebrating the 23rd Anniversary, Lion Air held various exciting competitions involving all employees and crew. The winners will receive various attractive prizes as an appreciation for the high spirit of competition in achieving excellence.


Lion Air invites all Lion Air employees, crew, management, and other related parties to share the joy of this historic moment. The 23rd Anniversary event is a clear proof of Lion Air's commitment in maintaining family spirit and gratitude to all who have contributed to the success of this company.


Food Festival

The series of agendas held by the Food Festival is an initiative that aims to popularize Proud of Made in Indonesia and give high appreciation to the creative industry, especially Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) in Indonesia. This Food Festival will be a platform that showcases Indonesia's culinary wealth and creative products from UMKM.


Food Festival showcases various types of typical Indonesian food and drinks from various regions, reflecting the diversity of Indonesian culture and taste. Food Festival participants will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes produced by local UMKM, ranging from traditional dishes to creative innovations in the culinary world. This is a unique culinary experience and enriching knowledge for Lion Air internals and visitors about Indonesia's culinary wealth.


Food Festival is an event for UMKM to promote creative products. Various products such as handicrafts, textiles and so on will be exhibited and sold in this festival. This provides an opportunity for UMKM to expand their market reach, increase brand visibility and gain support that cares about local products.


Food Festival is equipped with various interesting supporting events, such as traditional music performances, art performances, and other entertainment. This event will create a festive atmosphere and invite active participation from visitors. 


Food Festival as part of this series of agendas is a tangible manifestation of the commitment to promote cultural diversity, creativity, and economic potential of Indonesia. Through this festival, it is hoped that Bangga Buatan Indonesia will be increasingly known and appreciated both domestically and internationally.



Artist Excitement: Encouraging Passion

The series of events were enlivened by a number of well-known artists, including Padi Reborn, Dewi Perssik, Raim Laode, and Shabrina Lonita. The existence of these artists will add excitement and excitement to Lion Air's 23rd Anniversary.

The presence of these artists in the series of Lion Air's 23rd Anniversary events aims to continue to provide enthusiasm and motivation to employees, management, and all related parties for the achievement of Lion Air's 23 years as a leader in the aviation industry. Through their energetic and skillful performances, these artists will present special moments and remind everyone of the importance of passion and dedication in achieving success.

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