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Prepare an “Easy and Fun” Flight Plan from Now! Lion Air Gives FREE 20Kg Baggage “Applies to All Routes and Domestic Destinations” The momentum of 76 Years of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia and The Day of Technology Revival

Aug 2, 2021, 21:53 PM by User Not Found


J A K A R T A – July 31, 2021. Lion Air (flight code JT) member of Lion Air Group announced the latest information by providing "Free Baggage 20 Kg" (20 kilograms) service effective from August 01, 2021 ticket booking period and the period starting to fly from August 03, 2021, until further notice (UFN). This facility is a category of checked Baggage, passenger luggage that is delivered and reported through the airport officials at the airport departure terminal reporting desk (check-in counter) after weighing and taken to the baggage room or cargo compartment of the aircraft.

"Free Baggage 20 Kg" applies exclusively to all flight schedules of Lion Air domestic routes served roundtrip (PP). Prospective passengers are still allowed to bring a maximum of 7 Kg of cabin baggage per person (baggage provisions see the explanation on the next page).

Checked baggage service "Free Baggage 20 Kg" is a new lion air program that has been running as part of the efforts:

  1. Flying campaigns are "healthy, safe, and fun,"
  2. August Momentum: Celebrating 76 Years of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia and commemorating the National Technology Awakening Day, airplanes are part of transportation with advanced technology, one of which is the HEPA Filter (see explanation on the next page).
  3. Offering the convenience of tourists and business people in preparing flight plans,
  4. Increase interest in traveling by airplane,
  5. Accommodating domestic market demand from prospective passengers and loyal customers,
  6. Answering business opportunities and challenges as simple air travel trends grow, according to the current era,
  7. "Ayo Jelajah Indonesia" campaign, Lion Air is optimistic that it still has a domestic aviation market and will continue to grow in the future. In addition, Lion Air continues to serve scheduled passenger flights, certain charters and cargo transportation,
  8. Support government programs including creative industries and MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) in line with accelerating regional and national economic recovery.

With the presence of this exclusive program, every prospective passenger can make air travel (traveling) more economical and affordable with a choice of 20 kg checked baggage capacity.

Terms of implementation of “Gratis Bagasi 20 Kg”, as follows:

1. For prospective passengers who have Lion Air tickets, on:

a. Booking period from August 01, 2021, until further notice,

b. Flight period from August 03, 2021, until further notice.

2. The process of obtaining free baggage 20 Kg, simultaneously when making a purchase or booking a ticket (issued ticket) from August 01, 2021, until further notice:

a. Online (www.lionair.co.id, online travel agent and call center)  

b. Offline (to Lion Air sales office, travel partner agency office, and more)

3. For the convenience of passengers, the check-in officer will weigh the Baggage at the check-in counter to determine whether the Baggage meets this requirement. If exceeding 20 kg, then pay an additional fee so luggage can be transporting as checked Baggage.

4. For infants who are not entitled to a seat, folding stroller or foldable pushchair, or bassinet or car seat may be checked in as Baggage or accepted as passenger cabin Baggage, depending on size, dimensions, and availability of space.

5. Passengers are prohibited from registering or carrying dangerous goods on the plane, including: 

a. Explosives such as fireworks, firecrackers, unexploded bombs, and other similar materials.

b. Strong magnetic material.

c. Toxic substances (including insecticides) and corrosive substances or oxidizing substances (including bleach).

d. All types of stoves for cooking.

e. Radioactive substances.

f. Combustible materials, including most lighters or lighters.

g. Pressurized gases such as gas cartridges for gas cartridge stoves, oxygen sprays for sports, dust removal sprays, and the like.

6. When checking in at the check-in counter, please make sure the specially marked Baggage (labeled) matches the flight data and the correct destination. The baggage receipt number and checked Baggage must be the same.

For flight safety and security reasons, each passenger must follow the flight crew's operational rules, directions, and instructions.  


Technology on Board: Fly Safely, Healthily, and Pleasantly

Air Circulation and Cleanliness in The Cabin Are Well Maintained

Lion Air Group's entire fleet includes modern aircraft that have High-Efficiency Particulate Air system called HEPA filter. And an Extraction System (by Environment Control System (ECS) that ensures the air in the cabin remains fresh.

HEPA filters help maintain air hygiene in the cabin and filter out more than 99.9% of viruses, germs, insects, and bacteria. The air in the aircraft cabin is updated every 2-3 minutes, making it fresher. For air from the toilet (lavatory) and a kitchen (galley) directly flowed out of the plane.

Disinfectant and hygiene continue to be carrying out in detail include the flight deck; kitchen (galley); lavatories, cabin area, luggage storage bin handle; air vents and call buttons; seat back; seat covers; seatbelts; seat headrests; floor carpets; windows and window coverings; other passenger facilities; cargo compartment and others.

The use of mobile phones and other electronic devices, namely:

1. No electronic devices that emit steam or smoke are prohibited.

2. It is prohibited to bring apple products laptop type MacBook Pro 15 inches production 2015 marketed from September 2015 to February 2017 as checked Baggage and cargo. 2015 MacBook Pro (Retina 15-Inch) products have been market from September 2015 to February 2017.

3. According to the rules, the battery charger (power bank) has a power capacity:

a. maximum 100 Wh or 20,000 mAh can only be brought into the cabin and prohibited from entering in checked Baggage.

b. 100-160 Wh or 20,000-32,000 mAh must have approval from Lion Air.

c. more than 160 Wh is prohibited get into the aircraft.

4. Not used during aircraft takeoff, landing, or moving on the parking lot (apron), taxiway, and runway.

5. Not used when in the aisle, seats near emergency windows, and exits on planes.

6. Do not cause damage to the facility or cause injury to yourself, other passengers, and the crew on board.

7. Does not interfere with the comfort of other passengers, for example: blocking the seat distance at the front of the seat.


Additional Notes

Provisions of luggage to the cabin (hand carry), the applicable rules are

1. Every passenger (except infants) has been allowed to bring one cabin baggage with a maximum weight of 7 kg and one personal item such as laptop bags/baby equipment/reading materials/cameras/women's carry-on bags (hand luggage). The maximum dimension size of cabin baggage is 40 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm.

a. Laptops in thin laptop bags are considered personal items. Laptops in larger laptop bags have been counting as part of the allocation of carry-on items.

b. Lion Air highly appreciates the attention and cooperation of every passenger. Lion Air reminds all passengers, cabin baggage must comply with dimension and weight limits and be stored properly. In case the Baggage is overweight so that it can be carrying as checked Baggage.

2. All liquids should not be more than 100 ml.

3. Luggage on the rack (compartment) above the closed head or under the front seat.

a. Carry-on Baggage must fit under the passenger seat when stored so that it does not shift sideways to the aisle.

b. Carry-on baggage stored on the overhead rack must be securely attached. And cabin crew can close the shelf.

c. When placing personal items in the seat pocket, the item position from the back of the chair must be vertical contour and in the setting where the stuff does not protrude towards the aisle.

4. Some special items (types) are not suitable as checked Baggage due to their nature, for which permission must be requesting to carry them into the cabin.

a. Valuables such as cash, financial documents, jewelry, cameras, cell phones, portable electronic devices, and other forms of valuables must be saved alone in a closed overhead rack or compartment or under the seat in front of the passenger sitting position.

b. Baby items such as diapers, milk bottles, and food for consumption during the flight do not exceed 5 kg.

c. Needs of passengers with disabilities, such as walking sticks, wheelchairs, crutches/supports, or other assistive equipment.

d. Bathing supplies or care products (toiletries) in the form of liquids such as shampoo, skin softener (lotion), soap, perfume, or other items have been arranging in a good and safe manner. Make sure they have been setting in an exceptional pouch-shaped container.


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