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Lion Air Group Offering Covid-19 Rapid Test Service IDR 95,000 "Air Travel Plans Are More Practical and Easy"

Jun 30, 2020, 12:12 PM by Lion Corporate


J A K A R T A - July 01, 2020. Lion Air (JT code Flight), Wings Air (IW code Flight), Batik Air (ID code Flight) member of Lion Air Group provide the latest information regarding on the latest service that offer health screening test Corona Virus Disease Rapid Test 2019 (Covid-19) specifically for Lion Air Group passenger.  The Rapid Covid-19 Test fee is IDR 95.000/nett, including the statement letter of the result with 14-day validity period. Rapid Covid-19 test service implementation is collaboration with Lion Air Medika Clinic.

The presence of the Rapid Test Covid-19 service was launched to coincide with the 20-year momentum of Lion Air (2000 – 2020), as well as Lion Air Group's commitment to accommodate the needs of each passenger as they prepare the air travel plan in the current condition.

Lion Air Group runs the Rapid Test Covid-19 facility based on recommendations given by the Task Force for the Acceleration Handling of Covid-19 and the Minister of Transportation Letter, Ministry of Transportation Republic of Indonesia Number AJ. 001/1/12 PHB 2020 on improving people's travel services.

The services are scheduled to start on Monday, June 29, 2020. At the initial stage, the Rapid Test Covid-19 service is available in Jakarta on 4 locations with service schedules, as follows:

  1. Lion Air Tower Head Office

    Gajah Mada Street No. 7, North Petojo, Gambir Sub-district, Central Jakarta 10130

  2. Lion Air Group Office

    Kalimalang Street, Cipinang Melayu, Makasar Sub-district, East Jakarta 13650

  3. Lion Parcel Head Office

    Kedoya Raya Street No. 55, North Kedoya, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta 11520

  4. Lion Operation Center Office (LOC)

    Marsekal Surya Darma Street No. 44, Selapajang Jaya, Neglasari Sub-district, Tangerang City, Banten 15127

Operational execution according to office hours, from Monday - Friday at 08:30 to 16:30 local time, on Saturday from 08:30 to 12:00 local time. On Sundays and public holidays, we didn’t serve Rapid Covid-19 Test or closed.

In the next phase, Lion Air Group Rapid Covid-19 Test service will be soon and continuously expanded and implemented in other cities, including ticketing sales offices and airports in Indonesia.

Passengers will get more value with the presence of the Rapid Test Covid-19 service which is more practical, so you can plan your trip easily. For the following provisions:

  1. Only passengers who have tickets on Lion Air Group flights,
  2. Rapid Covid-19 Test vouchers purchase can be carried out and obtained directly when buying tickets (issued ticket),
  3. For passengers who already have Lion Air Group flight tickets and have not implemented Rapid Test Covid-19, then can buy the Rapid Test Covid-19 voucher by showing the booking code through sales channel such as Call center, Lion Air Group sales office, online travel agent, www.lionair.co.id, www.batikair.com, travel agent and others.

Ticket purchases (issued tickets) and air travel information can be obtained through:

  1. Lion Air Group's Head Office and Ticketing Branch Offices in all cities in Indonesia;
  2. www.lionair.co.id ; www.batikair.com ;
  3. Lion Air and Batik Air mobile application (Wings Air ticket purchases can also go through the website and the application);
  4. Call Center 021-6379 8000 and 0804-177-8899;
  5. Partner travel agents (tour travel) and online travel agents (OTA).

Lion Air Group continues to apply all applicable flight conditions during pandemic Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) alerts. This is according to the recommendations of the regulator and the commitment of Lion Air Group in operation which continues to prioritize the safety, security and comfort of aviation (safety first) as well as efforts to avoid the spread of Covid-19.


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