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Lion Air Pioneer in Low Level Windshear Research

Jul 31, 2017, 16:42 PM by Lion Corporate
JAKARTA (HN) -Lion Air Group in cooperation with Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), National Transportation Safety Commission (KNKT) and Diponegoro University to conduct research and development of early warning information system on low level Windshear at Airport and to produce Low Level Windshear prototype. The results of this study are expected to improve the safety of flight operations.

All parties can gain access and utilize the exchange of data and information, and early warning of low level windshear to be built.

Lion Air Group President Director Edward Sirait said the study will use flight data at Ahmad Yani Airport in Semarang. Then the results of the research will be developed to various airports to be utilized by national airlines.

Lion Air Group participated in financing the research by providing funding of 500 million rupiah. This study is expected to help improve national aviation safety.

"I am sure that this will improve the safety of national aviation, guided by BMKG and KNKT," he told National Day, in Jakarta, Tuesday (18/7).

Lion Air Group is called to establish cooperation, because the growth of national air transport is very high. Research on changes in wind direction at the bottom level should be done immediately, the number of plane crashes in Indonesia is currently inversely proportional to the international. Plane crashes in Indonesia actually rose, while the international down.

Lion Air Group operates more than 200 aircraft, by four airlines. Natural conditions do not guarantee safety, as they often change. Aviation technology is evolving, but not with observations of natural events around the airport.

"Many things can be developed from nature, to improve flight safety," he said.

BMKG Chair Andi Eka Sakya appreciated Lion Air Group's initiative to develop aviation safety research. In this cooperation BMKG provides data and or information related to Low Level Windshear. Includes an analysis of top air observations, for research and development of early warning information system Low Level Windshear.

Indonesia still frequent changes of wind direction suddenly especially in transition season. Low windshear events usually occur when the plane lands or takes off. Most occur at airports located on the coast. But it can happen at the airport with a development structure that does not pay attention to the movement of wind direction.

"We are appreciating Lion Air Group is moving faster, see the condition is not many companies who want to enter the world of research," he said.

BMKG with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is developing a global air navigation program for 2028. All countries should implement the program, using computerized meteorological data.

"Now sending data through computing, with high resolution," he said.

The delivery of meteorological data will be facilitated to the pilot via air traffic controller (ATC), for pilots to make more careful decisions when discovering natural conditions that endanger the flight. This research includes data processing of natural states at the airport.

"This is the foundation we are preparing to go to 2028, not directly applicable, must be integrated," he said.

This cooperation agreement will be the path to new findings. He hopes to become an international agenda note, as it will contribute to reducing the risk of accidents on Indonesian flights.

Chairman KNKT Suryanto Cahyono said, all this time ATC officers hesitate to inform changes in wind direction that occurred at the airport. Because it can not be read clearly by air radar.

"The obstacle so far is the problem of weather in Indonesia is very risky," he said.

KNKT specifically communicates with Lion Air Group to assist with national aviation safety research.

Vice Rector IV of Diponegoro University Ambariyanto admitted that he is ready to help the government in conducting lower level wind direction (Low Level Windshear) research. There is a research fund of about 36 billion rupiah.

"Every year our research fund goes up, next year around 60 billion rupiah," he said.

"We will be happy to help," he said.

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