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Jan 20, 2017, 16:54 PM by Lion Corporate

JAKARTA (HN) - Lion Air flight back for umrah. This year the first flights from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Cengkareng to Jeddah, which began Friday (2/12) at 13:10 pm. These flights will use Airbus 330-300 were produced in 2015.

Lion Air Commerce Director Achmad Hasan said the public demand for umrah has increased. Lion Air continue to be committed to provide the flight. "We will serve umrah flight twice daily or 12 times a week," said Achmad to Harian Nasional in Jakarta, Friday (2/12).

According to him, Lion Air meet the needs of umrah by bringing three Airbus from Toulouse, France late last year. The aircraft is specifically made to transport Umrah pilgrims. "We will prepare a backup aircraft that is Airbus 330-300 and two Boeing 747," he said.

Achmad said all seats for Umrah flight was filled. Last year, Lion Air also serve Umrah from Madinah to Banjarmasin and Makassar-Madinah.

According to him, Umrah flight very attractive for travel providers and Umrah pilgrims. In addition to saving time, the organizers also can save money for Umrah travel directly to Jeddah. "Travel can be continued to Madina by road for six hours," he said.

Lion Air General Manager of Services Ary Azhari said that last year already serve Umrah flights from Makassar to Medina. Umrah pilgrims potential of this area reached 4,000 people per month.

Lion Air also make the Sultan Hasanuddin Airport as a hub for flights to eastern Indonesia.

For this Umrah flights, Lion Air will operate a full three Airbus A330-300. Two units are operated regularly and only as a backup.

General Manager of Angkasa Pura I Ahmad Munir said they will continue to services for Umrah pilgrims. He hopes the service will encourage the improvement of comfortable for pilgrims.

"We will continue to improve our services for the guests of God that do umrah. Hopefully pilgrims feel comfortable," he said.

Last June, the European Commission (European Commission-the executive EU / EC) has revoked the blocking of Batik Air and Lion Air. Revocation is an acknowledgment of the progress to the national aviation industry.

Airlines that incorporated in Lion Air Group has also received the IATA Standard Safety Assessment (ISSA) which ensure aviation safety standards.

ISSA is a program of the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) which is a global-scale audit. The scope of the audit, including the system of organization and management, flight operations, flight departures, aircraft maintenance and aircraft engines, workmanship cabin, ground handling, cargo processing, and operational security.

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