Lion Group's Investment In Spare Engines Helps Increase Aircraft Utilization

JAKARTA, September 27, 2013 - Lion Group has bought two more spare PW127 engines, as part of the airline’s decision to have spare engines and a stockpile of spare parts, so it can provide greater operational reliability.


The acquisition of two brand new PW127 engines, worth US$2.6 million each, increases the number of spare PW127 engines it has to six. The airline also owns six spare CFM56 engines, and also has in its possession one spare CFM56 engine that is owned by the engine-maker.


The PW127 engine powers the ATR 72 and the CFM56 engine powers the 737-800/900ER. To ensure commonality of spare parts, Lion Air’s 737-800s and -900ERs have the exact same engines, with the same thrust rating.


By having spare engines and a stockpile of spare parts in-country, Lion Group carriers can better ensure that their fleets achieve high aircraft utilization and greater levels of operational reliability.


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Leithen Francis

Public Relations

Lion Group