Lion Group's Angkasa Aviation Academy Gets Second Campus

JAKARTA - August 22, 2013 - Lion Group's Angkasa Aviation Academy, formerly known as the Wings Flying School, has opened a second campus, which means it will be able to train even more pilots.


The Angkasa Aviation Academy has its main campus at Penggung Airport in Cirebon in northwest Java. The second campus, that has just opened, is at Tjilik Riwut Airport next to the city of Palangkaraya on Kalimantan island.


The new campus is already built and has just opened. The Angkasa Aviation Academy has 14 Cessna 172 aircraft of which half are stationed at Cirebon and the others are at Palangkaraya. Another four are coming in October and these will be at Palangkaraya.


The Wings Flying School ordered a total of 20 aircraft, but plans to turn the options - it has for 20 more - into firm orders.


People who attend the Wings Flying School will do some of their training at Cirebon and some at Palangkaraya. The advantage of Palangkaraya is it is in a relatively remote part of Indonesia. It is in central Kalimantan, which means it is a good location for those learning cross country flying.


The advantage of Cirebon is that, even though it is a small general aviation airport, there are some large commercial airports nearby so it is good for those needing to learn how to fly in controlled airspace and for those needing to learn how to approach and land at busy commercial airports.


The Angkasa Aviation Academy anticipates that the opening of a second campus, will help it achieve its goal of having around 150-160 graduates next year compared to 60-70 graduates forecast for this year.


Besides being allowed to use Palangkaraya’s airport, the new campus includes a number of newly constructed buildings for: administration, a briefing room, operations, a classroom, as well as engineering and technical. The school has also built accommodation for Angkasa Aviation Academy attendees.


Rusdi Kirana, president director of Lion Group, says the Wings Flying School has changed its name to Angkasa Aviation Academy because it is being spun off to be a separate subsidiary of Lion Group. He also says the name change enhances the branding and reflects the fact that the training organization is now bigger, thanks to the second campus.


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