Lion Group Buying Up To 40 Cessna 172s

JAKARTA, July 22, 2013 -- Lion Group has increased its firm order for Cessna 172 trainer aircraft to 20, with options for 20 more.


The Indonesian airline group originally ordered eight Cessna 172s, but has since decided to increase its commitment to 20 firm orders with options for 20 more.


So far 14 of the 20 aircraft have been delivered, says Audy Punuh, head of Lion Group's Wings Flying School, which uses these to provide ab initio (basic) training. The Wing's Flying School trains people to gain a private pilot's license and then a commercial pilot's license required to be a commercial pilot with Lion Group. Audy says another four Cessna 172 aircraft are due to be delivered in the August-September, and another four in the November-December period.


Lion Group's Wings Flying School is at Penggung Airport in Cirebon in northwest Java.


So far the school has produced almost 70 graduates and is steadily increasing its resources, so it can produce even more, says Audy, adding that this year they aim to produce 60-70 graduates and next year produce 150. He says the school has 45 instructors and will be adding more.


Lion Group president director, Rusdi Kirana, says the large order for new trainer aircraft shows that the group is committed to creating job opportunities for Indonesians wishing to become commercial pilots. He says Lion Group invests heavily in pilot training, so as to assist the growth of Indonesia's aviation industry, which has become a major contributor to Indonesia's economy.


Those wishing to train at Wings Flying School to become a pilot can apply under the careers section of the website. 


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